Educational Modules


Internal Curing Modules

These presentations were developed as part of a series for the Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute by Dr. Jason Weiss, PhD, Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Pankow Materials Laboratory at Purdue University.

Education Module 1           Module 1: Improving the Performance of Concrete with Internal Curing (17:11) 
 Education Module 2   Module 2: Internal Curing Concept, Proportioning and Aggregate (59:50) 
 Education Module 3   Module 3: Internal Curing Shrinkage and Shrinkage Cracking (1:09:50) 
 Education Module 4   Module 4: Internal Curing Mechanical and Transport Properties (1:19:10) 
 Education Module 5   Module 5: Improving Sustainability with Internal Curing (19:28)